Our Story

Candid Colors started its journey as a photography company in 2012 with an aim to create timeless memories for the clients. As a photography company Candid Colors helped various business houses in their creative needs including photography to creating art works for print medium and online social medium. During our journey as a startup, we have experienced ourselves and been part of the growth pain of various small organization. We know what it takes to take your product to the market, establish your brand and build the trust relationship with customers. As part of natural growth and progression of business, Candid colors started helping small and medium businesses in their Technology needs beyond only creative needs. In the process Candid colors Technology has built expertise and capability on various areas of Digital business enablers namely – Social marketing, Digital marketing, Online brand building, Software Today we proudly announce the inception of Candid Colors Technology Team based out of Bangalore – India’s Software capital. Together we aim to take your business to a new height.

Our Philosophy

We're not here just to sell website / software, we intend to be partner of your growth story. We attempt to understand your business in-depth and advice you whatever you need to do next for growth. We also believe that photo and video are the backbone to create an online presence of a brand. As we are expert in this field and with the help of IT knowledge we decided to give our company a kick start into the field of Technology and help our clients to reach their business globally because they need a partner who can drive their business to the next level.

“When you take technology and mix it with art, you always come up with something innovative.” — Robert Rodríguez

Based on our extensive experience and skills in web designing & development, creating customized software & apps for entrepreneurs/enterprise or any format of businesses our professionals are committed to provide you with insight, support and expertise. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who is in search of a leading development company to build excellent website, app, software for your startups? We may be your answer. From Beauty & Fitness, Restaurants, Education, Advertising, Healthcare, Hospitality to Retail & etc Candid Colors Technologies crafts unique solutions for all industries in creating smart and innovative solutions for your brands.